She poisoned the coffee of her colleagues: She must go to the compulsory psychiatric treatment

The High Court in Smederevo sent Sanja Nikolic (42) who works in the laboratory for mandatory treatment. She is accused of attempting to murder her colleagues. This measure has no time limit

The Smederevo High Court pronounced a measure of compulsory psychiatric treatment to Sanja Nikolic (42), a lab technician of the Agricultural Advisory Service, charged with attempting to commit a serious murder after since she poured pesticide into the coffee of her colleagues. She was arrested in April 2018 due to the suspicion that she poured pesticide methomyl - poison of the first category, into the coffee container which was used by all colleagues.

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In the first instance trial, the court has given the measure to Sanja Nikolic of compulsory psychiatric treatment and custody in a closed institution. It was confirmed by the judge Marko Jocic, who determined that she performed a criminal act, marked in the law as the attempted murder. The judge Jocic states that this measure has no time limit, it can last as long as it is needed, and it is estimated by experts. She has no rights to complain about this decision.

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Two of the clients were served with the "toxic" coffee who just happened to be in the facility that day by accident. After the first sip of coffee, they felt sick. They were urgently transported to Smederevo hospital and then to Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. The estimate of the expert is that they are alive thanks to the quick reaction of doctors.

The subsequent experiments showed that the concentration of methomyl in coffee was deadly, which is why the prosecutor decided to qualify this act as an attempt to commit a murder. The expert's report also found that Nikolic at the moment of the act wasn't thinking clearly. The conclusion of the psychiatric analysis of her mental health was that "her capabilities to understand the act and to govern her actions were shut down".

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For this reason, the prosecution proposed to the court to impose a mandatory treatment measure, which, after just six months of proceedings, was issued on Tuesday.

The motive which made the lab technician make such a move is unknown. She denied committing this act during the trial in front of the High court, that this is actually "conspiracy" of the vengeful colleagues, police, prosecutor and the judges". She even charged her colleagues that they "set up" a rape but during the investigation performed by the police, it is determined that it was a false statement.


The husband of Sanja Nikolic, Dejan P. was arrested in February due to threats to the judges in the procedure against her.

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Due to many incidents, there was an expert analysis of his state of mind in the special prison hospital in Belgrade, after which Dejan was proclaimed unaccountable. The custody was extended because of the suspicion that he committed a criminal offense of hindering justice.

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