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Vucic surprised the protesters who have bank loans in Swiss francs, alone and without police: I can't tell you fairytales, this is the deadline for the help of the state (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

He said that the state is partially responsible, but there is also the signature of citizens

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Aleksandar Vucic, the president of Serbia, visited the people who have bank loans in Swiss francs, who are protesting in front of the Court of Cassation, seeking for the solution of their problem.

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He said that the state is ready to help by switching the loans from Swiss francs to euros, so they won't create chaos in the financial system of Serbia.

- We are ready to talk about it, to see how to help these 16.800 cases that are currently opened, to see how to convert them into euros - said Vucic.

He said that it will cost the state around 120 million euros and that the citizens shouldn't be fooled by the decision of the Court of Cassation that banks must return money to citizens overnight, nor that banks will be prepared to take that responsibility.

- We cannot break the Law on Obligation. I can't tell you fairytales, like the others who are responsible - he said to the people gathered.

Foto: Tanjug/ Rade Prelić

He said that the state is partially responsible, but there is also the signature of the citizens, although there were certain former state officials, ministers, and governments appeared at the time while there were in power and they gave impressions to the citizens that they can lend money in that way.

And those who started the story about Swiss francs are now acting as if nothing has happened.

- You don't have signatures of Djelic, Dinkic, Jelasic, only your signatures. It is your signature. It is much harder to break down the obligation legal relationship. I want to ask you. The court will have to make its decision in a short deadline because the only solution for those people is the court. That court has to charge for everything over the banks, and the banks will certainly refuse to do that in different ways - said Vucic.

He announced earlier that he will talk with the people and he promised the help of the state. As he said, the goal is to try to get 60-70 percent from the banks, and the rest will be given by the state.

- The state will have to pay that, banks won't take all the risk on their own. We have to ask the banks to help in a certain way - explained the president.

Foto: Tanjug/ Rade Prelić

- Come to me on Thursday, Friday, and we will solve it!- said Vucic to one person who was there and asked them to come to protest again if nothing is solved.

The protesters asked to participate in defining the solution. In the end, the president received applause from the gathered people.

- Your people can say that they are not happy, but you can't be hungry and thirsty - said Vucic.

Foto: Tanjug/ Rade Prelić

President Vucic said on Monday, after the session of the presidency of Serbian Progressive Party that he asked the governor Jorgovanka Tabakovic and the premier Ana Brnabiv to reconsider the possibilities of the citizens who received loans in Swiss francs due to pressures of the former government.

The participants of the protest said that no one has warned them of the possibility of an outcome like this, on the contrary.

It is a problem which has been lasting for more than a decade and which trouble more than 20.000 people in Serbia.

Members of the Association of CF have been protesting in front of the building of the Supreme Cassation court in Belgrade for six days, demanding a clear legal attitude on the loans.

The official bank data show that 16.814 citizens have bank loans in Swiss Francs.



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