This video from a field confused the Macedonians: A man found an interesting phenomenon which can "swallow" you (VIDEO)

The man moving on the field seems surreal

A short video appeared on social networks in Northern Macedonia which confused the public. The video shows a "strange" behavior of the ground in a field. 

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The surface of the earth looks pretty hard, rough and dry, and when a man jumps on her, it looks as if there was a trampoline or a water cushion under it.

The man moving on the field seems surreal. As soon as the strange video appeared, there were different speculations on the social networks about this strange phenomenon, while the others claimed it was "quick mud".

Foto: Facebook/zemjodelie.mk

One user of the social networks wrote that it is a mix of mud, sand, and water, adding that the places like that exist all over Northern Macedonia. There were warnings that people shouldn't move over that ground with a tractor because it can "swallow" them.

The other user of social networks wrote that he doesn't understand how they managed to plow the field with this "live" ground. The jokers stated that there must be oil underground, but they don't exclude the possibility it could be edited and that it was animated.

In any case, after watching this interesting video, a lot of questions and guesses emerged, far more than real answers.

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.J.)

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