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Only a bump, a flick and hit on the behind are allowed: The latest amendments to the Family Law forbids the parents to beat children


The parents who break the law will not go to prison, but they will have to go to counseling

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The latest amendments to the Family Law introduce a complete ban on physical punishment and the use of physical force in the child's upbringing, announced Dragan Vulevic, Special Adviser to the Minister for Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs.

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The point of introducing these prohibitions, however, is not punishment, but the education of parents on non-violent methods of upbringing.

Vulevic adds that no one is going to prison, nor will they be deprived of their parent's rights if a child got a bump, a flick, or a hit on a behind.

- Parents will be offered education on non-violent methods of education, within the framework of counseling for marriage and family, development counseling, parenting schools ... We are aware that we will not get results for a year because changing attitudes and behaviors is a process for which takes time - says the interlocutor.

Vulević reminded that the current law already foresees (partially) the deprivation of parental right if the parent continuously implements physical punishment, which can be classified as child abuse

The aim of amending the law is to introduce in the parents' minds the idea that the physical punishment of a child is prohibited by law and that it is not necessary to use the rod and demonstrate the law of the stronger in the education of children

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