Serbia introduces surrogate mothers: They will be called "birth givers" and they will be able to receive compensation of up to 15,000 euros

The Assembly adopted amendments to the Criminal Code, including "Tijana's Law": Life sentences for rapist and murderers of children

Only a bump, a flick and hit on the behind are allowed: The latest amendments to the Family Law forbids the parents to beat children

The law on Montenegrin language caused a lot of controversies: The experts divided, and some are taking Serbia as an example

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has accepted a proposal for the legalization of gay marriage

Albanians are not allowing us to celebrate a holiday on Kosovo! A scandalous decision of the parliament in Pristina

How many children do we have to lose? "Silence is not the answer": Igor Juric started a campaign for the life sentence for monsters who rape and kill a child

The Law on the Transplantation of human organs has been adopted: Starting from today, every adult person can be a potential donor

Turbulent TV debate regarding the resignation of the Croatian Deputy Prime Minister: He was angry, he stood up and he headed forward his interlocutor (VIDEO)

The allowed top speed will soon be 130 km/h on the highway: Proposal for amendments to the Law on Traffic Safety was adopted

Slovenia will block Croatia's entry to Schengen if Zagreb does not start implementing the arbitration decisions (PHOTO)

Goran's baby disappeared 20 years ago, and he doesn't want 10.000 euros, he is seeking for justice for 1.500 families and his child (PHOTO)

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