I accepted the advice of the Supreme Commander: Vulin announced his decision on a hunger strike (PHOTO)

Vulin addressed the public in the Palace of Serbia

Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said today that he will not go on hunger strike.

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- I had a long conversation with the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vucic, and I decided to postpone my strike - said Vulin at a press conference.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

- I am always ready for the fight, this is the assessment of the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces that I should be where I am and I will listen to it, not with great enthusiasm, but I will listen because he is a man I trust and Serbia believes in him- said Vulin.

He said that the idea of a hunger strike was the answer to the "extortion" demanded by the opposition.

- They should see that there is someone from this side of Serbia who will oppose them, with the same means, that I will not allow them to make victims out of themselves, and from Aleksandar Vucic, someone who is taking care of other lives - said the minister.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

That is why he "offered and sought a hunger strike" because he thought it was an adequate response.

- This morning I had a long conversation with President Vucic, the two of us are comrades, from the decade of a persistent oppositional fight against the DOS regime. As comrades, we mustn't disagree. I trust him, I trust in his judgments because he is a man who wins all elections with his name and that is why I accepted the suggestion of my comrade, my coalition partner and the first in the chain of command, to postpone my strike - said Vulin.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

Vulin "apologized" to all of those who spent the entire day yesterday hoping for his "immediate and painful death".

- I want to apologize for not doing it, better luck next time. Thank you all for enthusiasm, on hatred that you showed. I have to disappoint you, I am sorry that you didn't get what you asked for - said Vulin.


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