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Mirjana Markovic, the wife of former president Slobodan Milosevic, passed away: Her grandson fulfills her last wish (PHOTO)


It has been long for a long time that the desire of late spouses was to rest by each other

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Mirjana Markovic, the widower of the Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic, who passed last night in Russia, will probably be buried in Pozarevac, in the yard of the family house, according to her own wish, next to her husband, Telegraf.rs finds out from the friends of Milosevic family.

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It has been long for a long time that the desire of late spouses was to rest by each other, which can be seen on the tombstone which was built after Milosevic's death in the Hague. It was agreed to leave a grave next to him for Mirjana, which was done.

- If they didn't allow them to spend the last years of their lives together, they can be together in death. Her name is written in marble, next to the name of Slobodan Milosevic, and she has been with him since the high school days - said the friend of the family.

Foto: Telegraf

Since Milosevic's brother passed away, only the grandson Marko has been visiting grandma in Moscow, he was in contact with her, so it is expected that he is going to bury Mira Markovic.

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

To recall, Markovic, nor her children, attended the funeral of Milosevic. In one of her statements from the media, Markovic said that she wanted to come to Serbia to visit her husband's grave, but also that she would like to be buried next to him. 

She wrote in her book "Yesterday or Tomorrow" about that place, which is important for her and her family, remembering the days when she and her husband were at their peak.

Foto: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

- Tilias were blooming, and it is Wednesday. It is not the weekend. Therefore, I can't go to Pozarevac. And for me, the blooming of Tilias is the blooming of only one Tilia. The one from our garden in Pozarevac. The one where I grew up, where my children grew up. Where I studied, where I listened to Yugoslav music, where I read the stories to my daughter, where I was playing with my son. I was sitting there with my husband in the first spring days, some years - the entire summer. As if that was the last Tilia in the world as if it is the only one that blooms at the end of June. I am waiting for Saturday to go there, as if I have never been there, like a thousand years ago, as if I want to stay there forever - she wrote.

Her children will decide if her desire will come true.

VIDEO: Mira Markovic passed away in a hospital in Moscow 

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