My Vladimir was 19 years old when he died for Serbia: Albanians recorded killing him, and they are still not in prison

I never expected anything from the Hague Tribunal because I watched testimonies in favor of the accused of those who killed all of the time, said mother Lozanka

21 years have passed since the sinister murder of six Serbian soldiers at the military base Kosare and their murderer never saw the face of justice, although Secer Maljoku, Hashi Dzafer, Gadzaferi Demush, Maloku Dem, Agron Isufi, Cuni Antonu, Rabit Alija and Rustem Berisa were sentenced to 15 years in prison in Nis court back in 2016.

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They, and thirty more terrorist, members of the unit "Cobra", led by the late Agin Ramadani, entered Kosovo from Albania on an unknown day where they placed to anti-tank mines on the field road between the military bases "Maja Coban" and "Morina". Border patrol with a military vehicle "TAM 110" drove over those mines on September 1998 and the leader of the border patrol of the Yugoslav Army Milan Bundalo lost his life, while four soldiers were murdered.

At the same day, near the "Kosare" military bases, the vehicle Pinzgauer was ambushed and Vladimir Radojcic, Miladin Goveljic, and Ilija Pavlovic died, all of them were the soldiers of the Yugoslav Army, serving their military time, and contract soldiers Miroslav Jocic and Milos Pavlovic, while the captain Goran Loznica was seriously injured, including Goran Simic. The murder and robbery of dead Serbian soldiers were recorded, and the video was the key evidence for their sentence. 

Foto: Privatna arhiva

A nineteen-year-old man from Belgrade, Vladimir Radoicic went to the army on June 23rd, 1998 in Nis, VP 1410/3 reconnaissance diversion unit, took an oath on July 11th in Valjevo, and he has died only 2 days later when he was transferred with his unit to Kosare. Vladimir didn't want his family to worry so he didn't let them know where he was going, he just said some hill next to Nis.

His mother Lozanka didn't miss a single trial although his murderers weren't in the courtroom so they were trialed in absentia. She is not hiding her disappointment over the fact that his killers aren't behind bars because she believes they could have been arrested.

People who were trialed back then aren't hiding, Gasi Dzafer is a mayor in Obilic, Cuni Anton is the chief of their secret service, I can't believe that not one of them stepped food out of Kosovo so they couldn't be arrested. The court released a warrant and delivered it, I have a feeling that it was removed somewhere and that no one is searching for them - said the mother.

She said that her pain for the brutally murdered child cannot be eased, but she wants to see the perpetrators punished. 

- It is said that the hope dies last, I hope to God that the justice for Vladimir will be met in this world, and in the afterlife. I never expected anything from the Hague Tribunal because I watched testimonies in favor of the accused of those who killed all of the timeI don't have fate in the court for war crimes of Kosovo because I think it is just a mask. I only believe in God, and all I have is to think about my son, to encourage the families of other dead soldiers, not to forget our dead - said the mother of Serbian hero.

While stating the first instance verdict, the judge of the Higher court in Nis said that he was sorry because he cannot give the higher sentence to the killers of Serbian soldiers, because there was an omission in the Kosovo justiciary, before the case was given to Serbia.

- The Prosecution in Mitrovica did not appeal against the verdict of the court there which sentenced them to 15 years in prison, only their defender, and the law predicts that the fine cannot be greater than the one which was already stated - explained Zikic while pronouncing the sentence.

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