"She pinched me and she hit me on the eyes because of the test": The professor responded who slapped the student (PHOTOS OF THE TEST)

The professor explained all of the details to the Telegraf.rs editorial staff

Zvonko Obradovic contacted the Telegraf.rs editorial staff, the processor of the Seventh Belgrade Gymnasium who is the center of the scandal after he slapped a student.

A student told something to the physics professor and he immediately slapped her! Scandal in the Seventh Belgrade Gymnasium

We transmit his entire letter:

"I want to answer the mischievous lies that have been written about me in the previous 24 hours. As a teacher and a pedagogue, I feel a moral duty to defend my reputation and dignity that has been violated by this case.

On the day 18.04.2019. during the third class where the analysis of the test was performed, the student J.K. was unhappy with her grade, she received F. She needed to have 45 points for D and she had 30 (as proof I am sending the photo of the test).

Foto: Telegraf.rs

Foto: Telegraf.rs

She expressed her dissatisfaction through hysterical shouting, so I told her that she can't behave that way, and the student sat down on her bench and she turned her back on me. When I warned her she answered that "You are no man, no authority when I can sit like this and you can't do anything to me". 

Then I sent the student to the principal's office, and she got into my face and she said "Come on, throw me out if you can", and she pinched me, and she turned around, hitting me with her ponytail on my eyes.

At that moment, in a state of insanity, and I have a prof from a psychiatrist, I slapped her, and the student P.P. stood up and he hit me in the head three times. Due to his punches, the doctors noted that I have had a trauma and they put a collar on my neck.

In order to protect myself and my profession from the hideous lies and manipulation, I have decided to file a criminal complaint against J.K. and P.P. and I will prove my innocence in the trial, and that the slap was the consequence of the defense happened at the time of lowered sanity.

VIDEO: Scandalous video from the school: The teacher dragged the autistic child across the floor: 


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