Selfie grandpa is currently the hottest topic on Instagram: A pensioner from Kraljevo is amazed by his sudden fame

Zoran Stankovic reveals that he hopes his daughter will help him cope with the fame

Zoran Stankovic from Kraljevo is retired and he found a new way to have some entertainment, so he opened a profile on Instagram. However, no one expected that he will get tens of thousands of followers overnight, said Zoran for Telegraf.rs.

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In the beginning, he has had 400 followers on Instagram, and two days ago, at 16:30, he had 29.500. The number grew by two hundred in 20 minutes and it hasn't stopped growing. His selfies, where he is all dressed up and where he shows his collection of grasses, became a hit on social networks when the admins of the page "Neguj mo srbski jezik" wanted to make "the oldest influencer" out of him, so they promoted him so he can get "10.000 followers because he is the only man who is using Instagram for right purposes".

The goal was reached with the speed of light.

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- I am asking myself, how could I become popular overnight. Two days ago, I noticed that something strange is going on and I soon realized what it was. Honestly, I am amazed what the Internet can do - Zoran is honest, he is retired and he loves social networks, he doesn't have a favorite one, and he likes the attention.

- I wasn't striving for fame, the profile is open so I am not looking at it that way. It is a bit strange that people stop me to have pictures with me. Youth is the first one to come to me. They ask if they can have a picture with me, and I indulge them - he adds.

He hopes that he will get help in managing a popular profile.

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- I am doing it on my own since my daughter didn't want to help me with managing my profile. I certainly hope that she will change her mind - said Zoran.

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He wasn't thinking about making money on his "fame" considering that it happened suddenly, but he wouldn't refuse a good offer, admits the selfie-grandpa, but all kinds of offers are already arriving.

- Various offers have arrived but I haven't thought about them. I see myself as any other man on the street, and not as an "influencer" - said Zoran, and when asked if there are some marriage proposals in his inbox, he replied:

- I am married, but people send all kinds of things.

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Glasses from a friend

Many people like Zoran's identical facial expression on his selfies and the sceneries are changing behind him. However, he is always well dressed and he is often changing his glasses, of different styles and different frames, from prescription glasses to sunglasses...

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20.04.2019 Novi dan, nove naočare

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- My friend Aleksandar from Germany sends them to me and I am using the opportunity to thank him a lot - the man from Kraljevo said.

VIDEO: He learned not to take selfies ever again 

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