Baby Kristijan (4 months) was buried: The little one suddenly died in a stroller, and this is the second tragedy of Markovic family

The mother fed him and put him down, he just passed away

Grief in a Roma family Markovic in Petlovaca. Radmila (33) and Sasa (35) have sent their 4.5 months old baby to the eternal rest, who passed away on Saturday evening when mother fed her and placed her in the stroller. He fell asleep and he didn't wake up. Half an hour before that his older brothers Jovica and Obren and sister Milena were playing with him.

Marjan delivered his wife on the way to the hospital: I have seen the babies head, staring at me, as if she wants to say: "Dad, take me out" (PHOTO)

Panicked parents Radmina and Sasa took the baby urgently to the Health center in Parnjavor. The doctor could only proclaim that the child was brought dead, and in 23.03 this was confirmed in the Emergency Center of Sabac hospital. The parents are waiting for the results of the autopsy which was performed on Sunday.

Luck has been avoiding this family. The death of little Kristian is the second tragedy in the last year and a half, and they are wearing black once again. They lost a child last year during Radmila's childbirth in Sabac hospital. They took that loss very hard and she became pregnant once again to get over it.

Foto: D. Grujić

- That is why I gave birth in Loznica. Kristijan arrived prematurely, in the seventh month of pregnancy, and that is why he was on the Institute for neonatology in Belgrade for two and a half months. He had such a small weight, and besides several diseases, the doctors discovered sepsis, but they managed to save him. When they discharged him, they told us that he has an arrhythmia, heart murmur and that something is wrong with his thyroid gland. He made good progress, he ate well, he was a happy child. He was supposed to have a control today.

Instead of control, the sad parents and numerous cousins escorted the baby to the village cemetery, where he was buried. 

Foto: D. Grujić

They started fixing their home if it can be called home since it is a ruin made from walls, without roofs. They had the money to fix one room. There was room for one bed, one table, and chairs in 16 square meters. They all slept and ate in it, and instead of the bed, little Kristian slept in a stroller in a corner.

Radmila and Sasa have a difficult life, but they make sacrifices, they fight like lions and they fight incoming problems. No matter the fact that Sasa words every day, they never had enough money. Special help and social welfare money come every month but that is not nearly enough for food. Daughter Milena and Radmila have diagnosed epilepsy, they have to go to the doctor often, and they must buy certain medicine. They are not hungry, but the amount they eat will depend on Sasa who will bring the money after daily work.

Foto: D. Grujić

- They are honest people, they haven't trick anyone and they don't owe anyone anything. Their children are going to school, they are clean and neat, it shows that the mother Radmila takes care of them. Sasa is hard working, he is taking any jobs to feed his family and to fix the house they moved in - said the people in Petlovaca.

If you are able, you can give money to the family on the bank account of Sasa Markovic.

The account number: 205-9011006925426-96

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