"We will stop Serbian officials at the border, we will hold them for hours, we will send intelligence agencies, police": New provocation by Haradinaj

We will not be able to ignore the fact that our government officials are being treated badly on the border with the Serbian authorities - said Haradinaj

The prime minister of so-called Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj announced that the officials from Serbian government who are coming to Kosovo could be detained and questioned in the police.

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Haradinaj said that these were reciprocal measures to stopping and questioning the officials of the Kosovo government by Serbian security officials at the administrative crossings.

- I do not prejudge what measures will be, but we will not be able to be quiet about the fact that our officials, Kosovo Serbs, are being treated badly on the border by Serbian officials. We will use the same practice and we will stop them, we will hold them for hours, we will send intelligence agencies, police. If they want that kind of interpersonal relationships - said Haradinaj at the press conference in Pristina.

The Independent Liberal Party announced yesterday that its representative Srdjan Jovanovic, a Kosovo Prime Minister's adviser, was kept for several hours by the members of the Police of Serbia and was examined by members of the Security Intelligence Agency for a few hours at the administrative border crossing "Bela Zemlja".

This party announces that its members will "go over the border crossing Medrane with the sigh of protest due to frequent stopping and harassing of the members of Independent Liberal Party on the crossings Medrane, Bela Zemlja and Jarinje".

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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