Love triangle tragedy: Nemanja was murdered by the lover of his wife, and she planned the whole thing?

Danijela didn't leave the impression of a woman who was in sorrow, whose husband was murdered before her eyes

Nemanja Grcic (37) from Vrdnik was shot in the stomach by the lover of his wife Danijela Djilasovic (43), who tried to convince the police after the crime that her husband was a victim of mafia liquidation.

The leader of the group "America", Zoran Jaksic, was sentenced for smuggling of cocaine: He was sentenced to 25 years in prison! (PHOTO)

Danijela Djilasovic, the wife of Nemanja Grcic, who was murdered by Zoran Dimic (52) from Subotica on Thursday in a rented log house, was arrested on suspicion that she was an accomplice in the crime.

As Kurir found out, Djilasovic was arrested when it was discovered that she was in a parallel emotional relationship with the suspected murderer, so there are strong indications that they committed the crime together.

Djilasovic reported to the police that an unknown man stormed into the log house and shot his husband. She was pushed and she fell to the floor. There were suspicions at first that it is a mafia liquidation, considering that Grcic was allegedly a member of the group Alena Kurina, the leader of the strongest criminal clan in Vojvodina.

The bizarre twist was discovered the following day when a love triangle was discovered. 

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- The suspected wife couldn't describe the attacker precisely at the hearing, she just said that he was wearing a cap and he didn't have a mask. However, her story was suspicious, she didn't leave the impression of a woman who was in sorrow, whose husband was murdered before her eyes. They directed the investigation towards her and they discovered why she couldn't describe the murderer - a well-informed source told Kurir. 

He adds that it is suspected that the motive of the crime is Dimic's jealousy.

- Danijela allegedly promised her lover for a long time that she will divorce her husband. That didn't happen, despite the daily pressure of her lover. In the end, he decided to take the matters in his own hands and to eliminate the opponent once and for all. It is suspected that they planned the crime together, but their roles will be determined during the investigation - the source told Kurir.

He adds that the murderer is known to the police and he is now serving a sentence in the semi-open facility.

- On the other hand, murdered Grgic was connected with the clan Alena Kurine and drugs smuggling. He was sentenced before for heroine selling and car theft, and he was also arrested for inflicting serious bodily injuries. Due to smuggling of narcotics, he was in prison for three and a half years - said our source.

The wife of the murdered man is the owner of a kindergarten and a beauty salon? 

As the source revealed for Kurir, Danijela Djilasovic was the owner of a private preschool facility on New Belgrade, and a beauty salon. She appeared on TV several years ago, and she advertised her salon in sows.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Kurir)

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