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Gagic's "LeBron" shoes confused the director: Basketball League of Serbia punished Partizan, and then they withdrew their decision due to the model of shoes


The center of Partizan played in shoes of different design against Tamis which is not allowed according to the rules, however, the misunderstanding was quickly resolved

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On Friday, the basketball league of Serbia issued a statement on penalties for clubs and players that did not behave in accordance with the regulations of the elite domestic competition. 

Porn-video of famous Serbian basketball player Nikola Kalinic appeared on Twitter! This is his response

In a statement, signed by the director or the competition, Leon Deleon, one interesting thing stands out:

- BC PARTIZAN, is fined in the amount of 6.000 dinars because one player wore two different shoes, according to the article 61 G) 16 Competition rules.

It is about Djordje Gagic, who wore one white and one black shoe, which is against the regulations, however, it is a specific series of the basketball shoes with the signature of the NBA star LeBron James under the name "LeBron Equality". The idea is to promote equality among people, and hence the same shoes in two different colors.

They obviously didn't know about this in the Basketball League of Serbia, so the punishment came for Gagic which was soon withdrawn after one call from Humska, Partizan stadium, and the explanation that followed.

From other points of the punishments in the statement, we can note the fines for the coach of BC Tamis (6.000 dinars - around 50 euros) who appeared at the press conference in inappropriate clothes after the match with Partizan, fine for BC Dunav 24.000 dinars (around 200 euros) for spilling the water on the court and the BC Dinamic with 12.000 dinars fine (100 euros) due to many dysfunctions with the score lights.


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