Sharp reactions of Balkan people to the incident in Vienna school: Some would punish the professor because he didn't slap them, the others said that Serbs are becoming more tiresome

The professor is on sick leave, and two students are suspended

The local, regional and world media continue to write about a scandal that took place in a Viennese school when a teacher spat on a student who played "Uzicko Kolo" during the class, he rolled up a cigarette and he provoked the teacher. 

Porn videos appeared of Serbian representatives, Nikola Kalinic, and Olympian Davor Stefanek

The recording of the incident has spread to social networks and thus reached the media. An initiative was launched on Facebook in one group that demands the resignation of the school administration. 15,000 signatures were collected.  

They claim in that group that they received new accusatory statements by two students at the expense of other professors. According to them, the teacher from the video was unpopular in the whole school, and other teachers encouraged them to harass him.

This case has received great attention from the media in Serbia, and our reporter found out from sources in Vienna that two students are from the Balkans. For this reason, when this was published in the media, various comments from the Balkans can be read, mostly from Serbia.

Almost everybody seems to support the professor.

The video of the incident was seen 150.000 times on Youtube, and there are many comments in the Serbian language.

"Insolent children" and "support to the professor" are just some of them.

- I am reading on the portals that the professor was fired over the little monkey. The only thing I have to complain about the professor is that he didn't slap him. He is rolling up a cigarette and harassing the man - writes one of the comments.

The other one responds that the professor should slap him so hard that he will "bring him back to Serbia where he belongs". 

Printskrin: Youtube

One of the comments written in English states "just an ordinary Serb" and said that the Austrians are crazy if they fired the teacher.

- Students are bunch if insecure immature morons who represent their individual lack of intelligence and respect. This is the absence of proper family education, even some primitive but effective methods, like using a proper waist. If I were you, I would punish the teacher for not slapping the sh*t out of them on time to prevent this from happening. Punish stupid students, not the teacher. The poor lad had to deal with morons for who knows how much longer. Even if he showed hatred towards Serbian culture, which might trigger them for doing such idiotic actions, this was not the way.

The other ones call for Austria to expel the students, and some say that the young men are an "embarrassment for their ancestors."

- I am a Serb from Vienna and I have to say that I can't stand most of the foreigners here. The picture of today's Vienna is catastrophic, just like this video. A few years ago, there were over 50% of foreigners in Vienna, when the migrants arrived from Muslim countries the numbers are even greater, and the foreigners are mostly religious fanatics and they are intolerant if you say that you are atheist. I realize that I am Serbian and that means I am a foreigner here, but I am very different from all the foreigners here - writes one of the comments.

Printskrin: index.hr

The news about the incident was reported by the Croatian portal Index.hr. As it is stated, the children are terrorizing the teacher, and they play Serbian Kolo.

- It is not about Ustashas and Chetniks, that kind of incidents wouldn't happen in Sumadija. That is the price that the EU pays with their policy of open society - written in one of the comments.

- It is the same in Germany, it is good that they are working in Austria, they will see when Serbs proclaim Vienna as a Serbian city, they do the same with all former states, and I won't talk about the education. Raise them well, there are good people, but these people abroad are terrible - he writes.

Some of the people blame the media for this case.

- In a society where media icons are the ones whose porn video leaks, they gather likes on the edge of the buildings, on cliffs, different influencers, and Youtubers... Children understand that education is not important, and then this happens - stated in the comment.

It is mentioned in the comments that the professor from the video is a Serb, and students are Croats, however, their identity wasn't officially published.

There are similar comments on the portal Klix.ba, however, there was one who said that the professor was primitive. 

- Primitive, this professor, boo for everyone who supports the professor who is spitting at the student, no matter what is happening. The proof of primitivism doesn't leave you, even if you are in Vienna. Children do all kinds of things, they play around, that is the way they were raised... to spit, yuck - stated in the comments. 

VIDEO: A student is throwing a bottle at the old professor and he shouts "it's not me"


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