Storm wind ripped out roofs, traffic lights, and trees around Zagreb: Capital of Croatia woke up in the worst possible state (PHOTO)

Firefighters had 140 interventions during the night

Storm wind has been blowing in Zagreb since Sunday evening, and the storm weather caught other parts of Croatia. There are many broken branches on the streets of Zagreb, trees, trash cans, and wooden poles, there are even broken traffic lights. The emergency services and the firefighters are on the field, and the police warned citizens not to go out unless they really have to.

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There have been 140 interventions until 7 AM today in Zagreb, said the firefighters, and they received calls for around 50 more cases.

HRVATSKA VREME OLUJA Vetar olujni nevreme

Foto: Tanjug/HINA/Admir Buljubaša

- Due to the strong storm wind which will blow today in the area of the city of Zagreb and Zagreb county, it is advised to stay indoors. Children and older people should be advised not to go out. We recommend citizens to use public transport - stated in the warning.

Winds were blowing up to 70 km/h in Zagreb. The firefighters had interventions across the entire city due to broken trees or branches.

HRVATSKA VREME OLUJA Vetar olujni nevreme

Foto: Tanjug/HINA/Admir Buljubaša

The traffic on Sljemanska road was stopped due to collapsed trees.

The storm weather caught other parts of Croatia, and the strong wind ripped out trees from the ground in Karlovac. Istramet reports about the floods in Istria which occurred due to massive rains which fell in the middle part of the peninsula.

The State Hydrometeorological Institute issued warnings for almost the entire country due to the possibility of strong winds and extreme precipitation, Hina reports.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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