Teme: forecast

The latest warning - Serbia will be snowed in! We can expect a minimum of 10cm of snow and icy days

This was the coldest city in Serbia: An unusual phenomenon happened in the sky, everything was frozen in one moment and the plain became Serbian Siberia

Scientists worried, great El Nino brings a drastic change in Serbian weather: Everybody fears from the upcoming winter, and we what we can expect (PHOTO)

Serbia became white on the second day of the Autumn: Snow fell on Kopaonik and Zlatar, and we can expect frost and cold we haven't felt in a long time (PHOTO)

Below zero temperatures in Croatia, country chained in ice, storm winds reach 155 km/h: Red meteoalarm, dangerous weather is yet to come

Strong wing "blew away" Podgorica: Trees were flying, there was a complete traffic shutdown, fires broke out

17.000 flashes of lightning across Croatia, a thunder injured a tourist, Dubrovnik underwater, and Serbia can expect the similar scenario (VIDEO)

A strong storm has covered over Dalmatia: The locals watched a giant waterspout approaching (VIDEO)

"The God is furious with Serbs. This is done to destroy the people and our line": He published a video of the storm and asked what was happening to us (VIDEO)

These parts of Serbia will be struck by rainfall the most: The emergency situation in one city, all teams are on the field

Flood in Belgrade: Don't go out of the house unless you have to, bad weather created chaos in the capital (VIDEO)

The storm has caught the parts of Croatia: Streets are flooded, people stuck in their cars, they are waiting for help

Bloody rain is coming! It is about to fall over Balkans

A storm has blown through Sarajevo! Streets flooded, umbrellas are swimming in the water, you can't see the rooftops from the ice (VIDEO)

We will have a turbulent summer: Infernal days will be replaced by thunderstorms, and we can expect two tropical months (LONG-TERM FORECAST)

Snow in May on Balkans: Blizzard in Dalmatia, Biokovo also became white, the neighbors are freezing on 0 degrees

The beautiful island of Brac is whole under snow: Spring ice wave in Europe will go down in history (VIDEO)

Snow covered half of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and floods are imminent in Republika Srpska: Region on standby, red meteoalarm active

The sky over Kikinda opened, the locals thought that the apocalypse is upon them: Snow, rain, and ice started shifting for hours (PHOTO)

Chaos in Montenegro: Streets closed because of the tide, the landslides completely blocked all roads (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Polar cold at Pester: Snow and ice seized the Serbian Siberia, snow plows can not break through to the locals

SERBIA CHAINED IN ICE: This city was the coldest in the entire country! The incredible -21 degrees measured this morning (PHOTO)

Skiing and Snowman in Ulcinj: Herceg Novi and Sveti Stefan became white, snow will continue to fall for the next few days


Region paralyzed due to huge amount of snow: They clean it by tractors in Croatia, in Bosnia they had classes in basements (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Snowstorms over Croatia, total collapse in the whole country: Trains are standing still, people trapped, army called for aid(PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Tornado hits Bosnia and Herzegovina: Experts warn about frequent hurricane winds

Disturbing photos from Valjevo: The roof of the school flew away, tens of objects damaged, trees torn, beehives flew around (PHOTO)

FORECAST FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS: The "freezer" is coming, the snow starts today, these parts of Serbia will become white first

THE STORM IS RUSHING TOWARDS SERBIA: Rain and thunder in Bosnia and Montenegro, Croatia under snow and it is totally blocked (PHOTO) (VIDEO)