Drama in Croatia: The level of rivers rising, one village completely cut off, the peak is expected today (VIDEO)

Some bridges are seriously damaged, there is no ground communication

The peak of water levels on the rivers Kupa and Korana in Karlovac is expected today, but the real drama with the flood is taking place in the upper course of the river Korana, in the municipality of Rakovica.

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According to the Facebook page of this municipality, the village of Korana is under water and firefighters trying to get tourists out of the settlement who stayed at the tourist resort.

Some bridges are seriously damaged, there is no ground communication.

After heavy rainfall over the weekend in most parts of Croatia, water levels are on the rise with the tendency of further growth, especially on the Sava, Una and Kupa basins, Croatia's Water reported last night, according to Index.hr.

Although the situation is not yet critical, due to the sudden rise in the water level of the Una River in Croatia Kostajnica, which grows from five to 10 centimeters per hour, flood protection measures are being prepared, and due to turbidity at the source, drinking water should be boiled.

According to the Croatian Water Projections, the maximum water level in Karlovac is expected today and for river Koran 750 cm, and for Kupa 700 cm.

Emergency measures have already been announced in Slunj because the water level of the Slunj river exceeded 200 centimeters even before noon. Filling of sand sacks been completed.

Due to the weather situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the waters in the lower Sava River will also be on the rise.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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