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He was laughing while Milenko was dying: A man from Bosnia, who disgusted the entire region, is arrested (VIDEO)


He filmed and commented on the driving of the unfortunate man several moments before the crash

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M. S. from Tesanj was arrested for failing to provide first aid to Milenko Pudar, a deminer from Banja Luka, who died in a serious traffic accident near Mostar, writes Glas Srpske.

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The accident happened on Monday, and M.S. was filming and commenting on the driving of Pudar several moments before the crash.

The video was uploaded to social networks, causing a torrent of anger from other users.

During the recording, M. S. said that the driver of the "Hyundai" was probably drunk and laughed at the way he drove. It can be heard on the video: "There, he went under the bus", and then we can see that he approached the smashed Hyundai saying: "He is not alive anymore", reports Srpskainfo.

Many social network users who watched the footage criticized the behavior of M. S.

- The man who recorded Milenko's driving did nothing, not even flash the lights or press the horn to warn the driver. This accident showed the complete degradation of our society, we have touched the bottom. Where is our love towards other human beings, where is humanity - wrote a man who knew the man who died, Dean Savicic.


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