Ivanisevic scolded Kyrgios over reckless comments about Novak: Perhaps you like someone more or less, but... who cares?

Rights words came from the right address

Goran Ivanisevic defended Novak DjokovicNick Kyrgios tried to provoke him with low comments.

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The most arrogant tennis player of the present day is in the center of attention because of his comments, rather than because of his play, especially since he was cross with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, the greats of sports.

He stated that the Serb is a player who has the need for everybody to like him, he called the Spaniard a sore loser, and then Ivanisevic responded since it is well known that he has no problems answering these provocations.

It is well known how much Ivanisevic respects Djokovic, and now he decided to give some advice to the Australian.

- Those boys are spending 350 days together, you can't talk bad about colleagues. Perhaps you like someone more or less, but they way they are going to celebrate their victory or something similar, who cares? 

- You can imagine anything you want in your head, but you can't talk about your colleagues on the court that way, that is the only thing Nick has to change. Do the job, win, and smile, but to talk all kinds of things after the duel, that is not good - said Ivanisevic, with the remainder of his own experiences.

- I never showed disrespect towards opponents in an interview, a group of tennis players is a big family in different tournaments. Some days are good, some days are bad... Nick will always be highly motivated when he plays against Novak and Rafa, but if you strongly desire to beat someone, you lose most of the times - said Ivanisevic, with sadness because Kyrgios isn't playing the way he really could, according to his potential.

- I would like to see him in some Grand Slam, going from the beginning to the moment of his maximum, because he has everything for this sport. I guarantee that he can beat literally any player in the tour.

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