A teacher from Croatia, former principal, abused students: He went on sick leave as soon as he could together with his wife who is a pedagogue

According to information transmitted by RTL, the abuse allegedly lasted for months, and the girls claim that the teacher was touching them, stroking their shoulders, legs, and the behind

Eight girls aged between eleven and twelve years have accused the teachers of Informatics of the Novi Marof Elementary School for total harassment, and the case is being investigated by the police and the Ministry of Science and Education, which initiated the inspection procedure.

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The girls confessed their allegations of harassment with parents who asked the head of the school, Andjelko Bosnjak, to inform the police and the ministry about everything.

- Right after the report regarding the Elementary School Novi Marof about the sexual harassment by a teacher towards the students of the class 6-a, the investigation has been started, and the first part of the inspection has been performed on May 29th in the school - stated from the Ministry of science and education in the answer to Hina.

They add that all the relevant documentation was taken and that a conversation was conducted with the principal, the class 5-A, the psychologist and the defectologist.

It was determined during the inspection that the school reported the case in writings to the Ministry of Internal affairs, the Police Administration of Varazdin, the Police Station Novi Marof and the Social Welfare Center in Novi Marof.

The Ministry confirmed that the case was reported to the Administration for Education on May 23, and on May 24 to Miroslav Hudek, Head of the Sector for Education, Culture, and Sport of the County of Varazdin.

Bosnjak went to his colleague immediately, he has been working with him for 23 years.

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- He said that he doesn't think about anything and he would like to talk with the parents - claims the principal.

The next day, according to him, three parents came for a talk, but they refused to talk to the teacher.

The principal claimed that he called the police in front of the parents, and he called the lawyer the next day into his office, representative of the school council, the teacher of informatics, the psychologist and the head of the Social Welfare Center.

- Everybody was introduced with the charges, or with the problem, and the colleague from informatics said that he is shocked and he doesn't know what to do, and I told him that he can no longer go into that class. After that conversation, he didn't enter that classroom since - said the principal.

He said that the Ministry of Science and education was informed about everything and another meeting was held the next day, which was attended by the members of the police and the representative of the school board.

The principal reported the case to the child protectors and the Public Health Institute for School Medicine.

The teacher who is accused by sexual harassment, and who was a principal of the school at the time, is currently on sick leave, and his wife, who is a pedagogue in the same school, is also on sick leave.

According to information transmitted by RTL, the abuse allegedly lasted for months, and the girls claim that the teacher was touching them, stroking their shoulders, legs, and the behind. 

The girls reportedly recorded a lot of harassment by telephone, and then they told everything to their parents, who then reacted and asked the school principal to do whatever was necessary.

Parents and girls, as they stated, were disappointed by the procedure of a school psychologist and defectologist, because they did not provide them with the expected protection and support.

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