The last moments of Tijana and Milan, she was with him until the end: I slept by his side even when he wasn't conscious. When he couldn't talk he described his last wish with hands

"We were aware that it was the end, and he was thinking about how to help others"

When he couldn't talk anymore, he raised his hand and moved his fingers, pointing at the money. I hugged him.

Milan and Tijana planned to get married and to have children, now they are fighting for his life (PHOTO)

- I know, you've said it a thousand times. We will give the money to the sick children, don't worry - I whispered, and he lowered his hand.

We were aware that it was the end, and he was thinking about how to help others. 

This is how Tijana Miljkovic (25) from Leskovac describes the last moments with her boyfriend Milan Milosevic (28) who lost a battle with sickness, but he left a legacy of 9.000 euros which will be given to the sick children.

Milan Milošević

Foto: Jugmedia/Privatna arhiva

Thanks to Milan, little Sergej from Vranje, who is fighting a brain and heart tumors, and one-year-old Maja Cvetkovic from Kmetovac near Gnjilane, suffering from spinal muscle atrophy, got a fighting chance. 

Tijana and Milan were together for a long time. They planned on getting married and children, but the sudden sickness shut down their plans forever.

- He never smoked, he didn't have any vices, he did sports, martial arts and he visited gyms. He went to the doctor for the first time in May last year, he went to the exam because he had a burning sensation in the lower part of his stomach. There were no urological problems but the doctor discovered a sick liver and he started going to all kinds of exams. He was told that the sickness has metastasized - said Tijana for Telegraf when there was still hope for his treatment in Turkey.

Milan Milošević

Foto: Jugmedia/Privatna arhiva

However, he was losing strength. The sickness was spreading until he was completely tied to the bed. Even then, Milan comforted everybody around him.

- When we found out about the sickness, he was the one who consoled us. He said that he was young and he will quickly go through it. He believed the entire time. However, the sickness was spreading. He has a lot of pain, not even morphine can help him, and his optimism is running low.

The last two days, as she said, he was no longer conscious. Tijana was sleeping by his side even then.

Milan Milošević

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- I slept by his side all the time. He was brave, he was wonderful. My Milan... - Tijana said at the end, not even realizing how brave she is for loving him, with all her heart, and by staying with Milan until the end.

VIDEO: This is the moment when a musician of Amadeus Bend gave Milan 4.000 euros who was fighting for his life at that time 

(Telegraf.co.uk / M. Leskovac)

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