Teme: Workers

The mysterious disappearance of Serbs in the Golden Gulf, everybody is quiet about that: Russian mafia cemented Serbian workers in the foundation of the hotel?! (PHOTO)

Why Croatia lacks in workforce: Three reasons why no one wants to work during a season

Austria doesn't want workers from Croatia because of a simple, obvious reason: They are identified as a potential danger to the labor market

Slovakia does not want workers from the Balkans: Most of them come from Serbia, we do not want to be like a suburb of Brussels

Serbs are getting sick because of brandy: The reason is catastrophic, and it affects the construction workers the most!

German Vivian and Dutch Boudven started business in Serbia: They say they need help, but it's hard to find workers

Radenka from Kragujevac is breaking records in picking of cherries: She picks 250 kilos per day, and makes a small fortune in a month (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

BOSNIAN ANACONDA: A snake appeared in front of people, when they saw that it is 3 meters long, their blood froze!

Vesna will not share her 3 million, and lawyer got involved: Lotto Frenzy in Gornji Milanovac has not subsided

They are our heroes: They entered the frozen Danube and saved a swan (VIDEO)

SLOVENIANS SEARCH FOR DOCTORS AND NURSES: You can get hired only under THIS condition!

ROAD WORKER'S REVENGE: This is where the car of the reckless driver ended up! (PHOTO)

GREAT DAY FOR CUPRIJA: Turks are opening a clothing factory, 1.000 workers will be hired!

MODERN SLAVES: They work at Adriatic sea for 500 euros, seven days a week, 16 hours shifts!

THE FATE OF FIAT WORKERS UNCERTAIN: Decrease in demand caused entire shift to be SHUT DOWN!

CROATIA SEEKS WORKERS FROM SERBIA: They need 42.000 people for these jobs

SERBS, HERE'S HOW TO GET A JOB IN DUBAI: This is all you need to know how to go to the Emirates!

THIS IS DEMEANING: As many as 50 thousand people that work in SERBIA do not receive SALARIES!

DO THEY DESERVE THIS MUCH MONEY? Salaries of managers in Serbia increased by 650 percent in comparison to workers!

Construction of three production halls starts in Smederevo

Bodies of Serbian workers killed in Siberia arrive in Serbia

REALLY SHAMEFUL! Teachers pushed the Minister of education around the street and splashed him with water!