A body of a migrant found in Drina river: The body floated for four days in the water

The police will try to find out the identity of the man

Reka Drina
Foto: Wikimedia/Velika beba

The body thrown out by the water was noticed on the river Drina near Crna Bara.

After a night out, Ognjen went to the train station and climbed a wagon. Soon, he was electrocuted

The members of the police station from Bogatic took out the body to the shore with a bote, and it was transported last night to Sabac hospital where an autopsy will take place.

The source close to the investigation told Telegraf that no personal ID was discovered with the body. The doctors estimated that the corpse floated for the last 3 to 4 days. 

It a man with darker skin, so it is presumed he is a migrant

The police will try to determine the identity of the man through investigation and by checking information of movement of migrants in the area of the lower part of River Drina.

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.G.)

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