City installs thousands of new sensors and signs to make parking easier in downtown Belgrade

The deputy mayor emphasized that the new system is important when it comes to parking spaces for people with disabilities

Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic says the installation of 2,125 parking sensors and 66 new signs has been completed this morning between Kralja Aleksandara Boulevard and the Clinical Center, as well as between Kneza Milosa Street and Oslobodjenja Boulevard.

Vesic told Studio B that in this way, Slavija Square and Beogradska Street have been covered with sensors, adding that a total of 1,500 sensors have been installed in the last three years.

Sensors show citizens how many parking spaces are available in a particular street.

"About 25,000 parking spaces are zoned in the center of the city, which means that we have already surpassed the ten percent mark, and are moving towards marking all parking spaces. That way, citizens will be able to easily reach a parking space, considering that it sometimes takes up 20 minutes of circling finding one," Vesic said.

The deputy mayor emphasized that the new system is important when it comes to parking spaces for people with disabilities.

"People with disabilities will receive their own box that will fit in their car and when they arrive at a parking space reserved for them, there will be an overlap of signals. However, when anyone else wants to park in that spot, the parking lot attendant will instantly receive a message that someone has parked in the spot and a tow truck will arrive to remove the vehicle. In this way, we preserve these spaces for those they are meant for, people with disabilities," said Vesic.

He pointed out that this is an important development because it's a part of the "smart city" concept, where citizens receive new services and enjoy comforts they didn't have before.

"The new parking sensors will be in the testing phase for 20 days, because at this point it takes four seconds for the signal to reach the server, but as of September 1 it will be fully operational," said Vesic.


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