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Horror in Veliko Gradiste: Heavily intoxicated drunk driver causes crash, later hangs himself

The body of P.R. (56), who caused a traffic accident last Friday, was found by family members yesterday

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P.R., 56, committed suicide by hanging himself in Veliko Gradiste on Monday afternoon, reports tpknews.com.

The unfortunate man ended his life by hanging himself behind the family home in Veliko Gradiste where he lived.

His body was found by family members who immediately called the police, who came to the scene and conducted an investigation.

The exact motive for this suicide is unknown so far, and he has not left a farewell letter.

On Friday, around 8 p.m., P.R. was intoxicated when he caused a car accident in the center of Veliko Gradiste, in the parking lot in front of a park, that did not produce any casualties.

The Pozarevac police at the time kept him detained for up to 12 hours for operating a vehicle in an intoxicated state, with 2.93 permilles of alcohol in his blood.

Namely, while driving his car, moving from the direction of Pozarevac, he crossed into the opposite lane and collided directly with a Belgrade number plates car, which was driving from the direction of Golubac.

The police found him visibly intoxicated lying on the ground in the park. They tried to get him into a police car. However, in an attempt to get out by the other door, he tripped and fell onto the tarmac beside the car. In the end, one of the officers took him to a park bench and left him to sleep there until the investigation was over.

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