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Video of movie-like operation of special police force SAJ storming a building in Novi Pazar

A small amount of narcotics has been seized

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Novi Pazar, hapšenje

Photo: Printscreen Sandzak haber

Members of the special police unit SAJ, along with members of regular police from Kraljevo, seized a small amount of narcotics in a raid in Novi Pazar.

According to indeksonline.rs, the operation was conducted early on Tuesday in the Josanica neighborhood when S.H., who was in possession of the drugs, was arrested. He has been detained and is kept in 48-hour police custody.

Residents in Josanica say the operation looked like something out of the movies, which can really be seen in the video below:

Armed special forces arrived outside the apartment building in several vehicles, and burst out of them, shouting, "police!", and apprehending the suspect.

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