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Season opens in Belgrade's Ada Ciganlija river resort, with anti-coronavirus measures in place

The time of the start of the season was linked to weather conditions

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By raising the "blue flag" President of the City Assembly Nikola Nikodijevic today marked the start of the bathing season in Ada Ciganlija.

He pointed out that all recommendations of the Institute of Public Health are being implemented, and that this largest city beach has had a "blue flag" for several years, which speaks to the quality of the water, but also the safety of swimmers and all visitors. The ceremony was attended by Robert Cukic, director of the Ada Ciganlija public enterprise.

Nikodijevic recalled that the opening of the summer season in Ada Ciganlija was to take place a few weeks ago, but the weather prevented those plans, and the delay was necessary to make sure conditions were safe for swimmers.

"Year after year, Ada is receiving more and more visitors and is becoming more popular not only among Belgraders, but also among those visiting Belgrade, and that is exactly why we try to enrich content and improve the quality of service every year. Together with the management, we revitalized the existing content, sports facilities, entrance ramps, parking spaces, and we also introduced some new content that should be a surprise to all visitors during this season," Nikodijevic pointed out.

He stressed that all epidemiological measures concerning the safety of bathers and visitors to Ada Ciganlija must be respected.

"At this moment, we have the recommendations of the Public Health Institute, which requires keeping a distance of two meters both in and out of the water, because this is standing water that is not disinfected. Regular disinfection of inventory and maintaining distance is recommended for hospitality establishments. The bathrooms are equipped with a sufficient number of disinfectants and disinfectant barriers so that, if everyone respects the measures, nobody's safety will be endangered. If everyone behaves responsibly and according to recommendations, I believe that we will not have problems during the summer season in Ada Ciganlija," said Nikodijevic.

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