Teme: Beach

The most disgusting sight from the beach in Montenegro: Communal police have to start doing something (PHOTO)

A haughty renter of sunbeds from Croatia: They told me that I was a Hungarian sh*t (VIDEO)

Don't yell at me! Move away from here: Montenegrin woman brutally answered to the attempts to chase her away from the beach because she didn't want to pay for the sunbed (VIDEO)

Predrag leaves magical stones on the beach and he wants someone to find them: He did that incognito, but he became the main attraction in Greece (PHOTO)

Belgrade had a beach more beautiful than Nice and Ibiza: Today, there is gray concrete instead of the softest sand in the Capital (PHOTO)

2-meter long ducky and fierce sex! Everybody filmed them while they were making love, but that's not all! They got out naked out of the water and the entire beach cheered (VIDEO)

Ljubisa's tanning oils replaced expensive products: Girls are crazy about it, and it has only two ingredients (PHOTO)

They are filming sexy girls on the Adriatic, and then they post videos on porn sites: One camera even recorded sex

Trouble in the Bay of Kotor: Wind pushed the cruiser which then came close to the coast (PHOTO)

While everything is floating around them after the storm, Montenegrins are relaxed, sitting in their rubber boots and casually drinking wine at Ada Bojana (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Raging Lake Ohrid swallows everything in its path: Cafes underwater, the bridge is flooded, and the locals are fearing the worst (VIDEO)

The war of Albanians with Croats and Montenegrins at the Adriatic: They have a new way of destroying everything - GARBAGE

Bizarre funeral at the Adriatic beach: People in black came down by the sea and everybody thought they were performing a forbidden ritual!

Tourists couldn't hold on any longer and they rushed into the cold sea at Tivat in November! (PHOTO)

Wild boars swam over Danube, they attacked the people in Novi Sad: Wild chase is on the way!

It is difficult for the Croats to say thank you, their beaches are painful, and they lie: What are the tourists from all over the world complaining about on the Adriatic coast

Serbs are going to the vacation in Albania this summer: Take a look at their beaches (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Investigation about the liquidation of drug-boss the entire Balkan is talking about: Vendetta scheduled in December 2015?

One of the main bosses of Albanian mafia and a pimp has been killed: He has been shot dead with a bullet in the head on overcrowded beach (PHOTO)

Montenegrins will soon start fining the tourists who wear bathing suits on the street, drunk or those who sleep on the beach?!

Massacre prevented in a last moment on one of the most popular beaches on the Adriatic!

LATEST NEWS: BLUE SHARK has been caught in Montenegro, 2.2 meters long (PHOTO)

Alert in Montenegro: Sea water on one of the most famous beaches - IS NOT FOR SWIMMING!

Brutal fight on a beach in Montenegro: Four attacked one, they punched and kicked him (VIDEO)

Tragedy on Jaz beach in Montenegro: Serb hit pedal boat with a scooter, Bulgarian tourist died

A sick voyeur: A German on the beach recorded a naked child with a phone. He was arrested for pornography!

Ana from Russia is disappointed with Croatian coast, and she is not the only one: Everything is nice on the photos, but in reality...

SHARK ATTACKS IN ADRIATIC: They killed 9 swimmers in 150 years, one Serb was among them

Croatia has problems with tourists: Local population is bothered by arrogant Englishmen

Real tropical paradise beach and jungle hidden in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mountain Zavelim has kept fossils of extinct corrals and animals hidden for millions of years (PHOTO)