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Sirens, manhandling, a car full of marijuana: Video from Operation Wrath that netted 38 kg of drugs

86 packages of marijuana, weighing about 38 kilograms, were found in B.B.'s car

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The police in Belgrade, in cooperation with the Customs Administration, yesterday arrested B.B. (38) as part of Operation Gnev ("Wrath"), in whose car they found and seized about 38 kilograms of marijuana.

B.B. has been arrested on suspicion of committing the crime of unauthorized production and distribution of narcotics.

"A search of a Nissan vehicle driven by the suspect revealed specially made spaces in which 86 packages of marijuana were found, of a total weight of about 38 kilograms. It is suspected that the drugs were transported by B.B. for further sale," the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) said in a statement.

The MUP footage shows B.B. being thrown to the ground after he was stopped, him getting handcuffed, while a detailed search of the car revealed that it was full of drugs.

The suspect is currently detained for up to 48 hours after which he will be brought before the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade along with a criminal complaint.


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