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Brnabic: "Pristina referred to the Brussels agreement, I cannot hide my happiness"

"I hope that they will finally return to the Brussels agreement, above all for Pristina to form the Community of Serb Municipalities," the Serbian prime minister said

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Photo: Tanjug/Serbian government/Slobodan Miljevic

Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic said on Thursday that the plenary meeting of the SEE Cooperation Process in Antalya was marked by two things - the fact that Pristina voted for all documents even though Kosovo was marked with an asterisk in them, and that the president of the provisional institutions of Pristina, Vjosa Osmani, at one point referred to the Brussels agreement.

A joint declaration, a strategic document for Southeast Europe, as well as the annual report of the Regional Cooperation Council were adopted during the meeting.

"It's important to me that all documents were adopted, because they can only be adopted unanimously. If anyone had voted against, they could not have been adopted. It's interesting that Vjosa Osmani, although she expressed reservations, did not vote against, nor did she abstain, "said Brnabic.

The prime minister added that, for example, Kosovo is mentioned in the Strategic Document not only with an asterisk, but also with a footnote, every time. In addition, she said, it's interesting that Osmani even referred to the Brussels agreement at one point and said that according to it a footnote is not necessary each time, but only the first one when Kosovo is mentioned.

"Now we see that they are referring to the Brussels agreement, and when it doesn't suit them, then it doesn't exist ... This is a policy that does not stop to surprise from gathering to gathering. I heard Osmani refer to the Brussels agreement today and I cannot hide my happiness and I hope that they will finally return to the Brussels agreement, above all for Pristina to form the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO)," Brnabic said.

That, she says ,was constructive on their part today, and completely contrary to everything that was heard in the Pristina parliament - that they would not allow the adoption of such documents.

"Those are the two things that marked this gathering for me," Brnabic said.

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