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Kurti announces he will deploy even more police north of the Ibar River

In his Facebook post, he wrote that "attacks have intensified" in northern Kosovo

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Albin Kurti

Photo: Kazuki Oishi / ddp USA / Profimedia

Prime Minister of Pristina's provisional institutions Albin Kurti announced on his Facebook account that the government of so-called Kosovo will deploy "an even greater number of police officers north of the Ibar."

In the post, he wrote that there are "intensified attacks" in the north of Kosovo.

"Criminal gangs have intensified their attacks in the north of Kosovo. They know that the end is near. The government of Kosovo will neither bargain with them nor tolerate them. The bombs they throw, the bullets they fire and the masks they wear are their political and popular impotence. Because of these criminals and armed attacks north of the Ibar, we will provide more policemen because these criminals paid for by Serbia and directed by its president will be investigated," Kurti wrote.

Kurti said that numerous violations of the law will not be forgiven, and that destabilizing tendencies will fail.

"In the four municipalities in the north, the division is not between Serbs and Albanians, but between criminal gangs and citizens. I am asking all citizens of Kosovo to support the state and police of Kosovo, all our officials who defend constitutionality and legality, the republic and democracy," said Kurti.

Members of special units of the Kosovo police, together with an EULEX patrol, again entered the premises of the Municipal Election Commission (OIK) in northern Kosovska Mitrovica last night. The media later said they were there because of an unexploded device.

Several explosions were heard in Kosovska Mitrovica earlier on Tuesday, when Albanian members of the OIK, with the assistance of armed special forces of the Kosovo police by force broke into the premises used by the election commission  and changed the locks.

During the violent incursion, detonations were heard, and the premises were completely demolished.

The same happened in Zubina Potok, Zvecan and Leposavic.

The citizens in these municipalities were visibly upset.


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