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Belgrade had a beach more beautiful than Nice and Ibiza: Today, there is gray concrete instead of the softest sand in the Capital (PHOTO)


The beach was located at the New Belgrade side of Sava river, in the location between Branko and Old Sava bridge

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When you think about swimming in the river, most of the people of Belgrade think about Ada in nowadays. However, during the eighties, the choice was "Nice", but not the French one, the Belgrade one - the first beach in Capital city on Sava river

A hotel is emerging in Belgrade, one of a kind in Serbia: The view from 160 meters will spread all over the city, and just wait to see the rooms (PHOTO)

The summers in Belgrade were always hot. Not so long ago, all of the people who couldn't go for a longer vacation could go for a rest on New Belgrade side of Sava river, in the location between Branko and Old Sava bridge.

New Belgrade was nothing more than a swamp at the time.

This part was covered in the sand even before the World War II and the beach grew not long after that. However, it really became popular in the 50s and 60s.

The name of the beach originates from that period of the previous century - in the place where the restaurant "Usce" is now located, there was a much smaller tavern "Nice" and soon, all the people of Belgrade sought salvation from the summertime - at "Nice".

Belgrade doesn't have a sea, but "Nice" was a real beach - there were swings, carousel, and the cabin where you could change clothes. During the hot summer weekends, a few thousand people from Belgrade could come there, so the crowds were massive as if it was some world-renowned beach.

And then the progress came and it was more important to secure a place for residential buildings and for the new generations of people. Boys and girls took off their bathing suits and they got into their working overalls, and skyscrapers grew from the swamps - New Belgrade was born.

One summer day, in the 70s of the last century, "Nice" ceased to exist - sandy beach became concrete and it is now a walkway. Somewhere in that period, Sava river became more polluted, and rarely anyone thinks about swimming in it today. "Nice" of Belgrade disappeared into oblivion.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Dnevno)

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