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A haughty renter of sunbeds from Croatia: They told me that I was a Hungarian sh*t (VIDEO)


Miroslav Mesaros has the concession approval for the beach Poli at the sea in Selce, and he was beaten last year

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The video shows a man named Miroslav Mesaroc, who has the concession approval for the beach Poli at the sea in Selce, arguing with two men calling them idiots and thieves.

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- Come down here, you ape, you stupid idiot, come up here, you are brave there, come up here, I don't want you here, you are idiots, neanderthals - Mesaros could be heard, saying that to an older man, persistently calling him to come up. Since the man pushes him away, Mesarovic continues to go towards him saying:

- Don't push me, you don't know who you are dealing with, come up here, you monkey.


At one time the man loses his patience and he hits Mesaros who falls down to the ground, but he gets up right away and continues speaking:

Foto-ilustracija: pixabay.com

- Come up, you idiot.

Mesaros said that the video was created last year and that the same men stole from him and they didn't want to pay for using the sunbeds.


- Those are strange people, they didn't want to pay for the sunbeds, they insulted me that I am a Hungarian shit, that I am blowing smoke, whenever I came to charge them they would run to the sea. On the fourth day when they came to the beach, there was a conflict. I received punches because I took the things from the sunbeds and I gave it to the people who paid for them. They surrounded me and they hit me from all sides.

They told me I was drunk, and they were using 16 sets of sunbeds for four days and they didn't pay 1.440 kunas for that, 23.000 dinars (around 200 euros), they stole from us - Mesaros added and he said that he always had problems only with Croatian citizens.

Watch the video:

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