Irena from Belgrade got married on a beautiful Greek beach, and it cost 0 dinars (PHOTOS)

Wedding is a very important event in the lives of each of us and we want everything to be perfect

Irena Stankovic, now Milosevic, shared photos on social networks of her perfect wedding in Greece and she got a lot of likes from everybody. This girl went straight from Belgrade to the beautiful beach in Greece and she revealed how much money she needed for this fantasy.

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Getting married on the beach is probably the dream come true for many, and Irena accomplished her dream on May 2nd, when she said "I do" to her chosen partner on a beach in Greece, Pefkochori.

Besides decoration which they prepared on their own and brought from Belgrade, they had a perfect ambience - the beach, the sea and the waves.

- Gathering all of the paperwork for marriage would cost around 30.000 dinars (around 254 euros), Apostille included, while you don't pay anything in Greece. 

- You don't have to pay for the registration nor the apostille, and it would cost around 8.000 dinars in Serbia. About decorations, we created everything, we made it and we brought it from Belgrade, she wrote.

The most beautiful wedding is the one where the newlyweds enjoy, surrounded by the dearest people and in a relaxed atmosphere.

We wish all the best to the newlyweds and thanks for the inspiration.

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