2-meter long ducky and fierce sex! Everybody filmed them while they were making love, but that's not all! They got out naked out of the water and the entire beach cheered (VIDEO)

The entire beach watched them. Some of them were disgusted, the others were cheering, and some recorded it

A video was recorded of a sexual act of a young couple - on a yellow duck. Dozens of mobile phones recorded the lovers who couldn't resist the passion, and they started enjoying in front of the full beach. And whoever didn't see the main party, they could attend the "Afterparty", because the girl and the man got out completely naked from the water. 

They are filming sexy girls on the Adriatic, and then they post videos on porn sites: One camera even recorded sex

People didn't even think that they will have something to "feast their eyes on" when the couple headed to the sea on Zrce, on the beach of the Croatian island Pag. They started their intimate play in front of the entire beach. 

They even got into the area where a nearby cafe has its surfing boards. The employees tried to chase them away but the young couple couldn't be stopped.

Foto: Pixabay

- The beach was full of people. They suddenly took out their phones and cameras. The man and the girl were making love just 50 meters from the coast, on a 2-meter yellow duck. People cheered for them, they applauded, and they got encouraged - the reader who took the photo said for 24sata.

He added that the act lasted for at least half an hour. When they finished they jumped into the sea to cool off and the wind took the duck far away from the coast. They tried to catch it but they failed.

In the end, all they could do is to walk out naked from the sea. The girl only had the upper part of the swimsuit.

Watch the video:

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(Telegraf.co.uk / 24Sata.hr)

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