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Nikola (21) died in a bike crash: The footage of the accident opens up a lot of questions

The pre-investigation procedure is on the way, the expert investigation is going to follow after it

Nikola Radulovic died on the spot when he collided with a car who was on his way while he was driving a motorcycle from near Velika Plana.

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The only footage of this terrible accident is from a camera located tens of meters away, and the father of the late boy, Jovan,  decided to give the footage to portal Telegraf, for truth and justice. 

Inconsolable Jovan said that his son can't bear the blame for his own death just because he sat down on a bike that day and drove on the main road, he hit the car which was blocking the intersection by coming from the side street.

Nikola Krauč Radulović

Foto: Facebook/Nikola Krauč Radulović

But... this situation is so unusual that rewatching the video just opens countless new questions. 

What can be seen clearly is that a red car is passing through the intersection when he let the car pass, and he does that very slowly. At that moment, the biker came at high speed, hitting the back of the car, and he died on the spot.

Someone went out of the car at that moment and he returns in it, without daring to approach Nikola who probably showed no signs of life at that moment.

- Nikola did drive faster than the speed limit allowed, but he would pass if there were no obstacles in the middle of the road. I am addressing the people with the desire to show the footage. The video clearly sees the car on the dirt road, joining the main road, but he doesn't do that while the road is empty, but at the moment when Nikola comes with a bike and drives in front of him and causes his immediate death - said father Jovan.

Nikola Krauč Radulović

Foto: Facebook/Nikola Krauč Radulović

He adds that the behavior of the driver and the passenger were strange after the accident.

- It is clear that they are sitting in the car for several minutes, not leaving the vehicle, which just raises the suspicion that they switched places. They didn't even have the dignity to come to help Nikola, not even to call for an ambulance, they just stood by the road, as if nothing happened. The eyewitness who was on the spot called for an ambulance. Besides all of that, the speed of my son is being discussed, and not the respect of rules of traffic and the direct murder of my child - said the father.

To make the sorrow greater, Nikola left a wife and a child who is not even one year old. 


To look chronologically, the first question which logically comes is why the driver hesitated to cross the intersection so much. The second, could he see the motorcycle moving with high speed and could the motorcyclist see him as an obstacle on the road. That depends on the visibility on the road, the turn, and similar things... And in the end, could the driver of the car help Nikola while he was lying on the road. 

It is impossible to find answers based on this footage only.

From the perspective of a father, the driver of the car caused the accident because Nikola wouldn't hit him if he weren't on the intersection. But, as he hit the car, he could have hit any other obstacle which was on his way: a pedestrian, a hole, a broken vehicle. The fact is that the car was lethal for Nikola, why was in his way, the driver will have to explain on the court.


We have addressed the Basic Public Prosecutor's office in Velika Plana which is on the case. As they say, there are no conditions to keep the driver of the car in detention after the initial 48 hours. 

Nikola Krauč Radulović

Foto: Facebook/Nikola Krauč Radulović

- The driver of the car was freed from detention since the legal conditions from the article 211 of the criminal procedure, and the suspect was detained in the police for 48 hours for the investigation.

Investigation follows.


The lawyer Sonja Marosan, representing the family of the late boy, said that the pre-investigation procedure is ongoing and she is in constant contact with the Prosecution.

- The prosecution is doing everything in its power and some basic expert investigations have been ordered. The entire case is very specific. There is a video which shows what happened, but the video itself can't show everything. One side claims their story, the other side different story, but it is up to the court to determine the truth - said the lawyer Marosan adding that the job of a lawyer is to discover the truth and to please the justice.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Mateja Beljan - m.beljan@telegraf.rs)

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