A police officer played with a gun and he accidentally shot a man who came for the trial: Drama in front of the court in Bosnia

The police officer was arrested

Court officer Mladen Deuric killed Milo Jevtic (52) from Vlasenice, most probably, while he was playing with a gun.

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According to Srpska info, it is a younger officer who recently started working as court police.

- He was sitting in the security room with his colleagues and he was most probably playing with the gun which shot at one moment and it hit Jevtic, who came to the court at that moment because he had a trial - explained one of the eyewitnesses for Srpskainfo.

After the wounding, Jevtic suffered serious injury and he soon passed away, and the court police officer was arrested.

The prosecutor and the police are conducting the investigation. Jevtic left three children.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Srpskainfo)

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