Husband of Marija Lukic for the first time in public: I have read 5 messages of Jutka, I knew what Marija was doing and where was she going

*Exclusive for our portal Telegraf.rs, the husband of Marija Lukic spoke about the hell they have both went through because of the former mayor of the municipality Brus, Milutin Jelacic Jutka, who still comes to work* *I thought about reacting like a man, to react as I was supposed to. However...

Dobrivoje Lukic, husband of Marija Lukic, who was the first to oppose the sexual predator, the mayor of the municipality Milutin Jelacic Jutka, and she has been going through hell because of him. He gave an exclusive interview for our portal Telegraf. He told us how he lived through the beginning of this family drama, where the end is nowhere to be seen, considering that Marija still receives threats every day.  

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- When I saw Jutka's comment for the first time, I was hurt like a man, I couldn't believe that someone can do something like that and I didn't believe that someone can talk like that to a woman. Secondly, I thought about reacting like a man, to react as I was supposed to. However... thanks to Marija and some people who were with us at that moment, they all advised me to stop, to wait, to see if we can react through institutions, and it is solved differently as a man... And you can see what is going on through institutions - said Dobrivoje.

Marija Lukic wrote the complaint on her own and she made decisions which could cost her dearly. The legal agony has been lasting for more than a year. She received death threats. A woman, with two children, who was harassed and humiliated. She is one of many who were touched by Jutka's hand.


Foto: M. Beljan

- I am afraid for the safety of my family. I haven't done anything because, if I do something, my children won't have elementary things in the house. I have been with her through everything, but someone must take care of supporting the family. And Marija had my absolute support. I knew what was she doing and how is she fighting and in what way... - he said.

His fingers weren't stopping. He was cracking with his nails. Those 10 fingers have been supporting the family. Because there was no more room for Marija when she decided to report Jutka.

Dobrivoje is not lowering his eyes, he is not covering them. His eyelids are trembling. She, his wife, received 15.000 shameful messages from Milutin Jelicic Jutka. 

- I may have seen around 5 messages. I have seen that in the night when Marija published it, and that is where it ended. Because I couldn't do it.... it makes me sick, I can't believe that you have to be such a monster to write to a woman in such a way... - said Dobrivoje.


Foto: M. Beljan

He has been supporting Marija from the first day. He will support her until the end, but he admitted, he didn't know what they were getting themselves into. They will never forget going to the Service for Combating Organized Crime in Krusevac.

- I couldn't believe what she has been going through the entire time, that is when I felt... First I saw a completely different woman, happy, in the mood, and then I saw a completely gloomy face, a frightened woman, and I couldn't even recognize her anymore. That was the hardest for me - reveals Dobrivoje.

Dobrivoje said that the police was the most active in the case. Now, they are waiting for the judiciary to complete its part of the job.

- A lot of time has passed, a lot of days, months, and years, and nothing is happening. We have no protection, the prosecution has raised charges and that is where it all ended... Marija already started some initiatives and we must ask for help from some embassies from abroad because there is no justice in this country. What we would like is to see him in prison, and that is the best thing that can happen after all of the crimes he has committed - adds Marija's husband.


Did Marija make a mistake for doing all of this? To lose a job, in a small place, to live with two children with a wage of a hairdresser, married. If there is justice, she will become a symbol of this time in a way, the symbol of the fight against the violence against women, or any kind of violence. I admire and I am proud that she is my wife - said Dobrivoje.

Foto: M. Beljan


Marija and Dobrivoje have two sons. President Jutka is not thinking about the children while he is trying to cover up the case.

- We are trying our best to protect the children from everything. Our children aren't small, they can see what is going on, and while talking to them, we are trying to point out that Marija, their mother, had some unpleasant things at work. They are handling it so far very good. We are trying to protect them in all ways and to teach them to be normal people and normal men who know how to respect a woman - he said.

They manage to preserve that kind of family life despite numerous threats and pressures to give up from the fight.

- It is not easy. Threats are terrible, but I think that they are trying to discourage us and to break us down into giving up in all possible ways - concludes Dobrivoje.

(Telegraf.co.uk / M. Beljan / I. Nedic)

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