Assange once addressed Serbs from the embassy where he was hiding for years: Here's what he was saying about Serbia and our place in the world (VIDEO)

He said what he thought about Serbia and its perception in the world over the video message

The founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange, who was arrested in the Equador embassy in London, addressed the citizens of Serbia a few years ago over the video message. 

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Assange recorded the message in 2014 while he was in the Equador embassy, and it was shown in the TV show "24 minutes with Zoran Kesic". He has been in the embassy for 2 years at the time.

After greeting the viewers in Serbian, the founder of Wikileaks spoke about the book "Cyberpunks" which was published in our language, and he asked what the thinks about Serbia and its perception in the world.

Zdravo - (Hello) he said in the Serbian language, and then he started talking about his book which he wrote after the talk with the experts who fight against the technological totalitarianism.

He said that the book has been written for the last free generation, living between two eras.

- Serbia is the country "in between", like many other countries like that, Serbia is in the place of the most important leadersThat is the place where the future comes first, with all the terrors and the beauties. Like all pioneers, Serbia is the country which was presented wrongly - said Assange.

He then added that "it is done by those who decide about that, who create the world policy, people from the environment, and sadly, sometimes that is done by very people from Serbia".

- Serbia has been presented wrongly sometimes due to misunderstanding. You can see that from the materials published by WikiLeaks. You can find thousands of files that we published here, mentioning Serbia - he said.

Assange explained that in some cases the situation in Serbia is consciously and sometimes very cynically distorted with the help of people acting on the outside. 

Foto: Tanjug/AP

- The world used to attack Serbia. 15 years ago, the Serbian journalists were the victims of NATO bombing. That is the only time NATO has officially admitted to killing journalists on purpose - he said.

The founder of WikiLeaks added that the Serbian journalists were murdered during Milosevic's regime.

- It is not surprising that many people in Serbia don't know who to believe, because they can't trust the murderers and criminals from Milosevic's regime. They can't believe the East nor the West - he said.

- But that is not weakness, that is a strength. That is the possibility which strengthens the hunger of people for the truth and gives them the necessary perspective to recognize the truth when they see it - concluded the activist and journalist.

VIDEO: Julian Assange has been arrested 


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