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A slap to Pristina from the USA! The announcement arrived: No one can take actions that are contrary to strategic interests, without facing the consequences


A comprehensive, mutually beneficial agreement is in the strategic interest of the United States - wrote Philip S. Kosnett on Twitter

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The United States fully supports the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina led by the European Union, according to a statement issued by the embassy in Pristina, which was announced by Ambassador Philip S. Kosnett on his Twitter.

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A comprehensive, mutually beneficial agreement is in the strategic interest of the United States - he wrote.


The Ambassador recalled a letter that President Donald Trump sent to the president of the provisional Pristina institutions, Hashim Thaci, whom he urged to use this "unique moment", to speak with a united voice during peace talks and refrain from actions that would make it difficult to reach an agreement. "

Some commentators and politicians have suggested that Kosovo’s status as an independent, sovereign state, closely aligned with the United States, will shield it from all consequences of its decisions in the international arena.   We caution against assuming that Kosovo or any other friend of the United States can take actions that run counter to our strategic interests without facing consequences to our bilateral relationship - stated in the announcement.

The announcement states that the United States calls on Kosovo and other regional stakeholders to demonstrate the commitment to normalization; regional peace and stability; and movement on the path to European integration.

- We reiterate our view that an immediate suspension of the tariff on imports from Serbia and Bosnia is one necessary measure to restore momentum to the Dialogue process.  We expect other stakeholders to take constructive measures of their own. Actions which undermine the Dialogue, disruptions from the sidelines, and refusal to suspend tariffs all run counter to U.S. interests.  What is currently needed is courageous leadership to promote our shared goals. That is what helps us to sustain a strong bilateral relationship -written in the statement.

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