This city near us had the most polluted air in the world, even worse than Beijing

Such a high pollution index can cause serious health problems

On Sunday, Sarajevo was the most polluted city in the world, with an air quality index of 268 units, the US government announced on the basis of data it collects from cities in which US embassies are located.

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According to them, Sarajevo was more polluted than Beijing on Sunday at 14:00, whose index quality was 242, reports RTRS.

Foto-ilustracija: Tanjug/FENA/Emir Burlović

- The value of the air quality index between 201 and 300 can cause serious health problems - it is said in a warning, which explains that the US Embassy in Sarajevo has air quality monitoring equipment.

Air quality data collected at the US Embassy may differ from other monitors located in Sarajevo, according to RTRS, adding that data from one control station cannot be applied to the whole city.

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