Touching video of American embassy about Serbian genius: He conquered the Moon and saved astronauts

Americans made a touching video about him and what did we do?

The US Embassy in Serbia made touching footage of the great Milojko Mike Vucelic, a project manager of NASA who made the space mission "Apollo 11" possible. It is a mission that was a milestone for humanity - the first landing of a man on the Moon in July 1969.

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Vucelic led this important mission. The Americans also proudly say in the video that Milojko was awarded medal for the courage of US President Lyndon B. Johnson for his role as a scientific adviser during the rescue of Apollo 13 from a disaster.

- He saved the astronauts - says the video.

Milojko Vucelic was born on June 11, 1930, in Garesnica in a mixed Serbian-Croatian environment. Father Joca was a civil engineer employed as a railway controller in the State Railways of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Milojko graduated in 1954 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zagreb. For some time he worked for Mercedes-Benz in Germany, and in 1956, at the cousin's call, he moved to the US with $ 50 in his pocket, as he later said.

There, he was employed at the Cessna aircraft factory and in 1962, at North American Airways, which co-operated with NASA.

Nasa, sletanje na mesec

Foto: NASA

From the very beginning, he participated in the Apollo program, and the Apollo 11 mission was the most remembered, when in July 1969, the man first landed on the Moon.  

He was married to German Inge of Munich, a psychology doctor with whom he had two sons, Alexander and Nikola, and five grandchildren.

He died on September 8th. 2012.

At the end of August, Niem Armstrong, the man who first stepped into the Moon, died in the US.


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