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EXCLUSIVE! Footage of hooligans attacking the home of the former Sports Director of Partizan


Telegraf brings you a video of hooligans who marched in front of the property of the former sports director of Partizan

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The act of vandalism in the Skojevo suburb Rakovica, in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, fell before the family of former sports director of Partizan, Ivica Ilijev, and a group of hooligans smashed the flower pots, they threw crates on fire into the yard and they damaged the garage door. This will receive its epilogue in the police. Telegraf brings the exclusive footage of the attack on the house and property of Ivica Iliev.

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The hooligans were arrested with the quick reaction of the police, the same night, and the authorities received the footage from the security cameras since the property of Iliev family is completely covered.


Foto: MN Press

To make the matters even worse, next to Ivica Iliev, who was present at the moment of attack, with his wife and three children, his brother Boban lives there with his family, wife, and also three underage children.

It was determined that the incident was started by five young men aged between 24 and 34 years, and charges were filed against them for disturbing the public order and peace. There were no injuries, and misdemeanor charges were filed against them.

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