Tema: Gun

Gunfire in Pancevo: MMA fighter was shot, the entire city is under siege (PHOTO)

A man threatened that he will activate a bomb in front of the Serbian Parliament (PHOTO, VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

"LONG 9mm" - Everything about the gun used to cowardly murder Oliver Ivanovic in the back: Used by criminals and sought after in America (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Serbs in America celebrated a "fiery" Christmas, they were shooting in every direction: Shots from shotguns, pistols and other firearms flew through the air (VIDEO)

Do you know the feeling when 2.000 angry people start charging at you because their f*cking club lost from the stronger one? Confession of the police officer Tanja who had enough of it

The footage of a Hollywood like robbery in Zagreb: Armed men intercepted the vehicle that transported money, they threatened the driver with a gun (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

DISTURBING PHOTOS FROM THE SCENE WHERE SHOOTING HAPPENED: Dusko and Tamara were in harmony, and then two shots painted the Belgrade's asphalt in blood (VIDEO)

They called him the monster from Zemun Polje - Swine, he was cruel and he threatened everyone: He threw his lover out of the car and shot her in the head

Bosnian in the United States committed a robbery: They easily found him using one detail and now he is waiting for prison!

Shooting in Pristina, there are casualties!

Hunters shot a girl while she was working in the field: She felt a sharp pain and she fell down like a rock

"An armed man walked freely around the city?!" Everybody looked at his back pocket and it weren't so indifferent (PHOTO)

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