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A boy killed himself over bad grades, the doctors spent the entire night with the pregnant mother, they were afraid she will lose the unborn baby


The police were also at their house in fear that his father might not hurt himself, the president of the local community says

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The boy N.M. (12), who shot himself in the mouth with his father's gun on Monday, will be buried today at 13:00 on the local cemetery in the village Negosavlje near Medvedja. The entire village and everybody who knew the parents and the little boy will come to give their last farewell.

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- We don't recall that a suicide like this ever took place! Never has a child killed itself. The entire village is shrouded in black - Dragi Filipovic said, the president of the local community Medvedja.

Will the priest hold a requiem, taking in consideration that it is a suicide, Filipovic couldn't tell, but he presumes that he will because it is a child. 

The boy's parents are physically feeling very bad, adds Filipovic, and they can't believe that such a tragedy occurred.

- The mother is seventh month pregnant. The doctors stayed with her the entire night because they were afraid that she will lose her unborn baby. The police were also at their house in fear that his father might not hurt himself, - the president of the local community says.

Foto: Facebook/Sandra Marković

The boy wrote in the farewell letter that he killed himself over bad grades in the first semester of the sixth grade. As we found out, the boy was alone in the house, he broke in the wardrobe where the father kept his gun, and the father had a permit for it.


The boy's mother S.M., who is seven months pregnant, was at the neighbors at the time of the tragedy, while the father S.M. was in the woods.

- When she heard what has happened, she collapsed in the yard and she started crying. The neighbors couldn't calm her down. Everybody was afraid that she will have a miscarriage from the shock. They told the father later when he returned from the forest - said the neighbors.

They said that the boy recently moved with his family from a neighboring village. The mother is a refugee from Croatia and she settled in Serbia where she has met the boy's father.

- They are a really nice family. We are all surprised by what has happened. The boy was on the playground the day before. I have seen him. It is a calm, good, smart child. So, why did you kill yourself over the grades?! - a neighbor can't understand why he did it.

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