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Boxer, known for setting his "Porsche" on fire in Belgrade, has caused a new scandal in Montenegro


Police have issued a detention of 30 days

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Budva police arrested Bozidar Filipovic (54) from Budva, who is suspected of threatening staff and guests of a cafe in Petrovac on the sea with a gun. He is well known in the police ever since he set his expensive car on fire in Belgrade last year due to the damage caused by "Parking Service" while they towed his car. 

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In addition to him, two more persons were arrested after the incident in the cafe where Filipovic created the scene. They concealed his gun in order to help him.

Božidar Filipović Foto: Printscreen/ Centar

It is stated in the police report that they found a gun which was hidden, so all three persons were taken to the prosecutor, and then the judge determined 30-day custody, after which they will be taken to the Institute for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions in Spuz.  

By gathering information from the attacker and the witnesses, police acquired information that Filipovic had a gun "Pietro Beretta" on his person in the cafe "MTV", and he threatened the staff and guests with it by turning the barrel in their general direction.

Foto-ilustracija: pixabay.com

He also broke glasses and bottles in the garden and inside of the object. The entire event was reported to the police just after midnight.

Bozidar Filipovic (53) is a businessman and a former boxer, and he known in the public by setting his expensive "Porsche Cayenne" on fire, revolted since "Parking Service" towed away his car, damaging it in the process. 

Foto: Telegraf

He poured petrol on his expensive car and set it on fire.

Filipovic, from Montenegro, said that he wanted to attract attention to himself with this move because he was again refused for Serbian citizenship, although he has been living in Serbia for 42 years, he has no documents and he can't use his multi-million amounts in euros that he has on his account. 

He adds that his "Porsche" was damaged with unprofessional handling and he couldn't charge for the damage since the police and "Parking Service" passed responsibility from one to another.

VIDEO: He destroyed other people's property, and then the PUNISHMENT arrived 


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