They called him the monster from Zemun Polje - Swine, he was cruel and he threatened everyone: He threw his lover out of the car and shot her in the head

One of the residents of the street heard the shots and he saw a gray "Golf" car moving away from the scene in high speed

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Miroslava Stojakovic (46) from Zemun Polje is a victim of a brutal murder which happened in the middle of the street in broad daylight. She recently complained to the neighbor about her lover, traffic policeman Milos Jovanovic (49) from Stara Pazova, saying that "He will kill me one day!". That unfortunately happened yesterday.

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The Bloody scene took place yesterday around 12:30 in the Iilija Finc street in front of no 1 in Zemun Polje. The traffic officer Milos Jovanovic, originally from Zbornig, took a gun after a short fight and he murdered his lover Miroslava Stojakovic by shooting her in the head.

After that, he sat down in his gray "Golf" and he drove to the well-known company, where he theatrically shot himself in the chest.

According to the unofficial information. They both divorced and they were in an emotional relationship, but they were breaking up due to constant fighting.

- They drove with the "Golf" to the street where the crime happened. Milos started yelling at Miroslava because Miroslava didn't want to get back with him. Then he threw her out of the car and he immediately fired few shots into her head. Then he drove to the factory where he shot himself into heard - claims the source from the investigation.

Foto-ilustracija: Marko Jovanović,

One of the residents of the street heard the shots and he saw a gray "Golf" car moving away from the scene in high speed.

- I was cleaning snow in my yard when I heard multiple shots. I saw the car leaving, and when I took a closer look I saw a woman in a pool of blood. I recognized that it was Miroslava. I called the police and the ambulance, but it could be seen that she was giving no signs of life and that she has passed away. That is a sight I will never forget - said the witness of the tragedy.

The neighbors confirmed that the unfortunate woman was even going to the judge because of the death threats.

- Her daughter graduated from Faculty of Law and she lives in London. Miroslava didn't work anywhere. She had poor health and her daughter and her mother supported her. Her mother is from Croatia and she was recently visiting. She divorced from her husband who lives in Batajnica. She was in a relationship with Milos for a long time. She complained that he is threatening her. They even went to court, but I don't know if she reported violence or is it something else going on - said the neighbor of Miroslava Stojakovic. 

According to the locals, Stojakovic had a bad temper and he was on bad terms with many people.

- We called him Swine! He was a bad cop, and he threatened everybody. I knew him officially and I heard that he was suspended because he was causing problems. He had a wife and three children and he was allegedly divorced. He was in a relationship with Miroslava, but they broke up after few fights. We heard that he was beating her.

- She wanted to leave him, but he couldn't let her go. He was cruel. He drove a motorcycle and he was fighting with everybody because he was short tempered. He became too arrogant, probably because he was working in the police - said the acquaintance of the police who insisted to remain anonymous.

Foto: Telegraf

Police performed the investigation at the crime scene yesterday in Zemun Polje and they listened to the eyewitnesses of the crime. Phorensic teams took the body around 14:00h to autopsy to determine the injuries and the precise cause of death.


The neighbor Dubravka was the last one who saw Miroslava alive, but she didn't want to talk about that.

- Miroslava drank coffee with Dubravka just prior to the crime! Milos just appeared on the street, just when the unfortunate woman returned from the neighbor. The question remains if they talked before that to meet or was that just misunderstanding and they met by coincidence. It is possible that he even planned to kill her and that's why he came to Zemun Polje - claims the neighbor who was on the street where Miroslava lived.

( / source Alo/Informer)

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