Shocking letter of a mother from Knin: She is sick with cancer and she pleads for help, but not for herself, but for her children. "This might be the last thing I can do for them"

Slavica's letter asking for help is breaking hearts

The humanitarian organization decided to share with the public a letter that touched them. The mother from Knin, who has been suffering from a late stage of ovarian cancer, contacted them, they say, with an extremely modest request for her son and daughter. With her approval, they published the whole letter, and we transmit it:

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- Greetings! I will try to explain briefly ... I am Slavica, the mother of four children, I suffer from ovarian cancer. The most important thing for me is to help me with Jovana and Milorad. Jovana is going to the third grade of the Gymnasium in Knin and she was supposed to go to graduation excursion which costs around 400 euros, and Milorad is in high school in Moravice and he is 260 km away from home. He is in a student home and we pay 90 euros each month for him.

The school requires a laptop which costs around 800 euros. We live in Knin in the state apartment which is falling apart. The carpentry is terrible, the wind is blowing all over the place, the bathroom is black due to moisture, children don't have their own room, they don't have a wardrobe in their home, the kitchen is old and it is falling apart. It is the hardest for me when they say that they are embarrassed from the way they live.

But, I always teach them they can live without it. When I got sick, the children experienced shock. Jovana and Milorad know that if they lose me, there is no one to take care about them, we barely survive each month, sometimes we don't have enough for food, the bills keep coming, our accounts are blocked because we can't pay for everything. That is why I am asking you to please help Jovana to go to the excursion and to get Milorad some used laptop because he needs it as a mechanic for further education. If you are able to help us with some food, I would be most grateful because I am happy as a mother when I have something to give to my children.

I can deliver all the evidence and everything else if you want to help us. Please, don't ignore the cry of a mother because due to my disease this might be the last thing I will do for them in my life. Greetings from Knin".

If you know anyone who can help to fulfil last wish of Slavica for her children, please help.

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