The moment when a famous Serbian singer puts 4.000 euros on the lap of Milan who is fighting for his life: The young man started crying (VIDEO)

- Oh, Boki - was everything that managed to say. You can help him by paying money to the account: 205-9011007544558-56

Milan Milosevic from Leskovac, who has adenocarcinoma of the esophagus with liver and lung metastases - code C 15, received hope because the money has been gathered for going to treatment for the first of, probably, six medical sessions. 

Milan and Tijana planned to get married and to have children, now they are fighting for his life (PHOTO)

- The money suddenly started coming to the account - said Tijana Miljkovic, Milan's girlfriend - writes Jugmedia.

The greatest amount of 4.000 euros, which enabled the young man to go to his first therapy in Turkey, was donated by Bojan Stanimirovic from Amadeus band.

Bojan was sitting next to Milan and he addressed everybody with a message:

- His minutes are numbered, he needs 4.000 euros to go to Turkey. 4.000 have already been collected, be he needs that much. I should invite you all to start paying, but I already brought those 4.000 euros to him. He should go to Turkey tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow and now he has the money he needs. Now, you can continue paying because he has to go to the second therapy in 20 days. We have enough for the first one. Stand together and let's gather that money - said the member of the Amadeus band when he took the money out of his back pocket and put it next to Milan.

And when he saw the money Bojan took out of his pocket, Milan started crying, and before hugging his friend, he just managed to say:

- Oh, Boki...

You can see the emotional moment at the start of the text.

In the meantime, others contacted him who are willing to help. A group of friends will gather the money for Milan in the center of Leskovac from 10 to 17, and the teacher Nebojsa Aleksic proposes everybody who works in education to give up their travel expenses for a month and to donate that money for the treatment of this boy.

Milan Milošević

Foto: Jugmedia/Privatna arhiva

Milan's girlfriend says that there is a lot to do now with gathering the documents to go to Turkey, but she promises that they will enable the way to make payments over the SMS.

The foreign exchange bank account should be opened today as well.

If you can, if you have, and if you want, you can pay some money for Milan's treatment, every minute is precious.

The account is: 205-9011007544558-56

(Telegraf.co.uk/ Jugmedia)

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